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All Westallen Bloopers | The Flash ♥︎ | Kho phim mới nhất.


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for the westallen fans! :3
disclaimer: i am not “betraying” the snowbarry fandom, as some of you guys have said. i’m posting this because i want to and because i want to make westallen fans happy. also, this got the second majority vote from the recent poll. (:
grant gustin & candice patton bloopers / barry allen & iris west-allen bloopers / season 6 bloopers / grant and candice moments behind the scenes

(ps – they are not in chronological order. but, if you’re curious about a specific scene and where it’s from, i can tell you.)

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All Westallen Bloopers | The Flash ♥︎

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49 thoughts on “All Westallen Bloopers | The Flash ♥︎ | Coi phim được xem nhiều nhất

  1. Jess Yorke says:

    I wish in one movie the people in the show that are in love, are in love In real life😂😂

  2. Mali Aaa says:

    The fact that grant is leaving broke my haert no one can fits in his shows ….because if baniel carlos and tom choose to leave too the show will not work and lose fans …no one watch the show because your ship or candice …maybe if the recast you get to see iris and barry kiss or with kids….but if they give us snowbarry it will give us hope for season 9 maybe untill then grant be back if he won't find job that he is happy to be in more then the flash #snowbarry rules#

  3. Noobess The Noob says:

    This is why acting is a great career choice, you can have plenty of fun.
    Bloopers are mess ups, but they are expected and become funny moments.


    I cant tell you HOW MANY TIME I have come back to this video and repeated so many times the "Uh- Girl?" 😂 2:17

  5. Hye wei wei says:

    Snotbarry is never gonna happen so they should just stick to their fan fictions and let us West-Allen shippers bathe in the glory of on-screen AND off-screen chemistry.

  6. Hye wei wei says:

    I hate snotbarry(i spelled it wrong and purpose btw), I LOVE West-Allen to the moon and back

  7. Jacob Kurosaki says:

    I'm not gonna deny that westallen is a good ship, but the westallen Fandom keep attacking SnowBarry, and the other way around, so why don't we just be friends?

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