Ancient Aliens: The Easter Island Mystery (Season 13) | History | Xem phim mới nhất

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Ancient Aliens: The Easter Island Mystery (Season 13) | History | Coi phim được xem nhiều nhất.


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Cập nhật tất cả các buổi ra mắt mới nhất của HISTORY tại Tìm hiểu thêm về Đảo Phục sinh và mối liên hệ tiềm tàng của nó với người ngoài Trái đất trong cảnh này từ Phần 13, “Hố đen của Trái đất”. #AncientAliens Đăng ký để biết thêm thông tin về Người ngoài hành tinh cổ đại và các chương trình LỊCH SỬ tuyệt vời khác: Tìm hiểu thêm về chương trình và xem các tập đầy đủ trên trang web của chúng tôi: Xem nội dung LỊCH SỬ độc quyền: Bản tin Lịch sử: Trang web – Facebook – Twitter – HISTORY® là điểm đến hàng đầu cho loạt phim gốc và đặc biệt từng đoạt giải thưởng kết nối người xem với lịch sử theo cách thông tin, nhập vai và giải trí trên tất cả các nền tảng. Phương tiện chặn lập trình hoàn toàn nguyên bản của mạng có danh sách các loạt phim ăn khách, phim tài liệu cao cấp và lập trình sự kiện theo kịch bản. .

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Ancient Aliens: The Easter Island Mystery (Season 13) | History

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37 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: The Easter Island Mystery (Season 13) | History | Xem phim mới nhất

  1. Pvp Fox says:

    If aliens existed. The only thing I WANT and want to FIND. Is titan fluid. Colossal titan fluid.
    But I want to be a titan shifter ofc

  2. ExhaustedAnthropologist says:

    One issue I have with this explanation of the involvement of aliens with the construction of the Easter Island moai statues is the pattern of the societies determined to be in contact with aliens. In his explanation, Renato Longato explains that specific ancient societies with megalithic structures have “unknown energies” and thus must have had contact with “sophisticated” alien societies. Other than the presence of these “energies” and the varied megalithic structures, the only similarities between the societies he discusses in the video is that they are non-Western societies. The assumption that non-Western people could only construct these structures with the help of a “sophisticated” alien society is insulting to the intelligence of these past societies and their people. It is much more logical to think that ancient peoples did understand the theories needed to construct these and then did so, then to make the several leaps in judgement that would be required to assume that a sophisticated alien society would have constructed these and dropped the moai onto Easter Island. A more plausible explanation would be that the moai were moved with a construction and transportation system that was later disassembled or destroyed. The moai are most likely not the only constructions from their period of origin, and are most likely just the only surviving evidence. In the United States, there are plenty of examples of destroyed structures or towns with little to no evidence left behind that could easily confuse people thousands of years into the future. The moai themselves are not the full picture, and it is important to remember that we will never completely know and understand the full context to their creation, only the theories we develop today from an outside perspective.

  3. Leo Chan says:

    Plot twist: Filipe the park ranger was born and asked everyone for their tickets. Those who didnt comply were evacuated.

  4. Cutie Elise says:

    Isn’t it ironic how the Rapa Nui population began to decrease (exponentially) AFTER Europeans came to the island. Gotta love White people😒

  5. Darryl Nimmons says:

    That island is the remnants of a much chunk of rock. It looks obliterated as if it was much larger. .to many volcanic crater. Just tge tip of the iceberg.

  6. Brennen Tomassoni says:

    has there ever been a time where these guys found some ancient thing and thought "nah this probably inst aliens this time, this ones probably just people"?

  7. undisputed 1 says:

    An ancient civilisation, started to disappear off easter island, when western civilisations started to visit there! Was it diseases or slavery???… ALIENS!!!🤣🤣👽👍

  8. Baby5* says:

    Or the advanced technology/materials they used on Easter were powerful enough to leave traces of magnetic energy behind.

  9. Mr. ForWard says:

    Am I unsuccessfully trying to find the full episodes of Ancient Aliens…???

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists say YES.

  10. francisco galindo says:

    WE WERE NEVER👽👽👽👽👽👽🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸

  11. Mumuni Ibrahim says:

    You see how you line the people in the world
    Rome Empire why the Italy don,t have the history befor.with dear technology and advanced Fake people if Fake News

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