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Dell U2414H Update: A 2 Month Review of the Dell U2414H Monitor | Địa chỉ chia sẻ các kiến thức tổng hợp có hữu ích nhất.


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Dell U2414H Update: A 2 Month Review of the Dell U2414H Monitor

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32 thoughts on “Dell U2414H Update: A 2 Month Review of the Dell U2414H Monitor | Website chỉ dẫn những mẹo tổng hợp có hữu ích nhất

  1. Denis S says:

    Hi. How did you connected it? Was it HDMI or display port? It seem HDMI loosing picture quality in mine. Thanks

  2. M GH says:

    There are only links for stupid camera lenses. You wasted my time checking the links and more when I had to write this comment.

  3. VNT says:

    I just bought this model. But I can't put the resolution on all the dell's screen. Its only like 85% of the dell screen. I hooked it to a macbook 13. Any suggestions on how to make the display resolution on all dell screen ? I've looked in the dispay setting of the macbook and tried all the settings but none make it on 100% of the dell screen. Help!

  4. ico80 says:

    How's the ips glow? You have color degradation in edges ? Or black going grey? Very important aspects for cad/3d and I can't afford to spend 2000bucks for an eizo right now.

  5. Adam McKenzie says:

    Hello Art off the Image, can I shoot in Adobe rgb mode and edit on this monitor. My output will be srgb. Not sure if I'm asking the correct question, but I hope you get the gist.

  6. A Banerjee says:

    Hello ,
    I am planning to buy one monitor for graphics intensive work like architectural rendering,

    Short listed 2414h(218$), 2412m(268$) & 2415(322$). [price is converted from Indian currency, received from dell india directly]

    Is the 2412m model performance wise way beyond?

    My budget is close to 220$ but I can stretch my budget till 2415 if justified.

    Do you suggest any other monitor?

    How important is color gamut % & sRGB % as in 2414h values are 85%, 96% and in 2415 values are 91% & 99%. Does 6% / 3% values made an impact?

    I have also noticed that brightness level is 50cd/m2 lower in 2414h model. Is it ok? Do we require 300cd/m2 brightness level?


  7. Zohair Habssaya says:

    I have Nvidia Asus GTX 650ti .. I asking if this monitor working 100% with my graphics card via HDMI?

  8. SreeKanth Adepu says:

    Hi Artoftheimage, After seeing your unboxing and review i have purchased u2414h monitor But for my CPU (mother board Model :intel DZ75ML-45K and intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3330 cpu@3.00GHz) iam having HDMI and DVI-I ports.i purchased SONY HIGH SPEED HDMI cable (Flat) from local store and connected to monitor ( cpu HDMI port > HDMI (MHL) port for monitor) but i am getting a ERROR (NO DISPLAY PORT CABLE). So please help me which cable should i BUY. Send a link to buy cable.

  9. Lisa Mackay says:

    Hi Could you tell me the overall screen height from the lowest setting we only have a height of 34cm that we are trying to fit the screen into

  10. Estefanopoulos Jasser says:

    Got it at an amazon sale for about 190 total.I hear great things about how the monitor displays, but will 8ms response time be cumbersome?or will it be negligible? Are there any IPS monitors that can compete(or are better than) the 2414H at around the price I got it for?

  11. George Lenz says:

    How does the U2414H compare to my Dell S2340M? I notice when I look for the 2414 some retailers mention IPS, others don't. Does this model come with IPS? My 2340 is IPS.

    Not sure this would be a huge upgrade for me. I would like to plug my Ipad into the monitor, or a laptop. Is that possible?

  12. BIKER 55 Yunus says:

    Hello , Than you for the video.
    I would like to know what the usb ports may be used for ?
    can the monitor run images or movie files directly from a usb pen drive ?
    i have a macbook air 2014 , can i daisy chain two monitors ?
    will it be possible to spread one wall paper across both monitors using a mac air
    thank you .

  13. RingWraith66 says:

    I'm interested in getting this monitor, i'd like to know if I can connect this monitor to my iMac. I want to use this monitor as a second monitor to do my photo editing on. Do I need to buy any additional cables or adapters to connect to my iMac.

  14. shadyfy says:

    hello sir, im kinda goin crazy on what monitor to get for photo editing. would you recommend this one? cause its in my budget and the reviews are nice. thank you in advance 🙂

  15. Donald Cordle II says:

    I just ordered the dual set up of this monitor. I looking forward to running lightroom on these when the get here.

  16. JoaoPiresLima_JPL says:

    Hi there. I'm been reading that some people are having some troubles with this monitor working with Nvidia cards. They are complaining about washed colors. Did you have the same problem. I wanted to buy this monitor for video editing but I dont want to have troubles like that. Can you help me?

  17. Olivier Van Heulen says:

    Amazing video, hope to buy 3 of those badboys very soon together with some beefy gpu's

  18. Nik Var says:

    Hello!From your experience is there any problem with the touch sensitive buttons?Do they work properly?I am asking because there are people who complain about it…It might be my next monitor as I am using a LG LED that is sooooo crappy….Thanx!

  19. Lor’s Adventures says:

    Your review is excellent timing! My monitor is taking longer and longer to fully light up so just ordered mine through B&H. Did some homework and they had the best deal so I went with them. Thanks for the videos and advices!

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