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39 thoughts on “Flutter Facebook login with Example | Step By Step Guide | Flutter Tutorial | Website cung cấp các mẹo có ích nhất

  1. Janhvi gupta says:

    Your article and your youtube video don't match. Also, I'm getting errors because you didn't provide the source code. Otherwise, it is helpful 🙂

  2. Sisir Kumar Pathy says:

    If you are trying this in 2021 now, the Facebook setup page UI has changed. the settings are not in the same place as shown in this vide. However the information shown is still relevant.

  3. palak pandey says:

    How do i get the user id after Facebook authentication is complete from firebase to store other details of the current user. Please help

  4. Phil la says:

    Great video, thank you! I got a question regarding the Key Hashes. Do I have to type the same password in Step 4 on Facebook Developer as the keystore password which I used to connect my app with the google play store? Or can I generally just type in android as the password? Why do you have several key hashes in the video?

  5. Snehal Powar says:

    it's really good video. I want to access last activity of user when clicked login button how can I do?

  6. Emir Fahimi says:

    How can i stored the image url into shared preferences so i can easily access the image in other classes

  7. Annie Khan says:

    codesundar Sir ,
    Thank you so much, I learnt alot from you. Your tutorial actually helped me.
    But Sir After I login I still remain on the same screen
    I mean the logout button and the image don't show up

  8. Mohit Modh says:

    thanks for video, I made facebook login app which is working fine in my device but it is not working in other devices , so how to solve this error?

  9. Ramya Saminathan says:

    Thanks for the great video!! So the app is in development mode. I am able to login using admin and test users registered in fb developer console, but i cannot login through other fb ids, as i am getting the error "App Not Setup. This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permission". Do you have any inputs ?

  10. Claude Daiga says:

    Thanks for the nice tutorial, but I still think this is only part one of the authentication. Part 2 should be how is the token, stored and used to make request from a web api.

  11. Joe john says:

    i just started the video and im just learning flutter but theres a doupt why r u giving stateless function in stateful function can u pls explain me about stateless and stateful function thnks in advance

  12. Miftahur Ridho says:

    Hello, I have an error when i copy and paste keytool to terminal =
    At line:1 char:100

    + … droiddebug.keystore" | "PATH_TO_OPENSSL_LIBRARYbinopenssl" sha1 -b …

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Expressions are only allowed as the first element of a pipeline.

    At line:1 char:138

    + … debug.keystore" | "PATH_TO_OPENSSL_LIBRARYbinopenssl" sha1 -binary …

    + ~~~~

    Unexpected token 'sha1' in expression or statement.

    At line:1 char:153

    + … openssl" sha1 -binary | "PATH_TO_OPENSSL_LIBRARYbinopenssl" base64

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + ~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ExpressionsMustBeFirstInPipeline

  13. Niroop Nife says:

    A good video but I'm getting an exception as Flutter SDK not found. Define location with flutter.sdk in the local.properties file, upon checking other projects also I do am getting the same issue, is it like we need to change the package name? Cause i do have the flutter sdk location and everything but when i opened the AndroidGradle file it started popping the error and the app is crashing

  14. Abhilash Jha says:

    please make video flutter on how to make one to one chat application where internet is not required

  15. Bharath says:

    Token retrieval failed without exception message. Will retry token retrieval facing this issue app is keep stoping please help anybody out there

  16. Rehan Yousaf says:

    await facebookLogin.logInWithReadPermissions(['email']); this is returning error state so always my 3rd case is executing help pleaseee

  17. Philomath says:

    Hello I have an error in here final result = await facebookLogin.logInWithReadPermissions(['email']) it says logInWithReadPermissions is not defined by the class. how can i fix it ? thanks

  18. Tondy says:

    my facebookLogin.logIn(['email']) returns (12386): Instance of 'Future<FacebookLoginResult>' and token etc returns null

  19. MikeOnTheBox says:

    No need to do the extra configuration for IOS? Like the things you had to add to the Manifest for Android.

  20. J Key says:

    actually it worked.
    – when you not install facebook app in your mobile.

    BUT, there have a problem:
    – if you installed facebook app in your mobile, then try to facebook login with popup (CONTINUE as YOURNAME), come out, when I press button, it does not work.

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