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How I Make Art in Clip Studio Paint

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Sorry for the bad audio, I’m using the mic on my earbuds :’D
Sketch brush: it got deleted D:
Battlefield dust:
Flowers — a[way]
Morning Routine Ghostrifter
Oyasumi Smith The Mister
Underground Stars by Loxbeats

How I Make Art in Clip Studio Paint

How I draw hair// Tips and Tricks in Clip Studio Paint

You can download Clip Studio Paint here:
sorry about being gone for a while, i recently lost all my art files due to a virus so I’ve been trying to catch up with everything :0
i hope todays video helps you, please feel free to ask me anything in the comments

my brush:


.:Music Used:.

❤️‍Cut Deep Trap/RnB Style Hip Hop Beat
❤️‍home Chill Lofi Hip Hop Beat
❤️‍baby make it stop Alt Rock/Trap Style Hip Hop Beat
❤️‍escapism Lofi Hip Hop Beat

i don’t own the music, all rights go to their respectful owners ;w; _________________________________________________________



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How I draw hair// Tips and Tricks in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Speed Paint – Mình vừa học vẽ xong

Chào các bạn,
Đã tận mấy tháng mình ko up video mới vì mới hoàn thành 1 khóa học vẽ nè. Để quay lại với cảm giác làm việc thì mình mới đăng 1 bài nhận request (vẽ miễn phí theo yêu cầu) á.
Trong quá trình vẽ mình cũng chia sẻ 1 vài kỹ thuật mình hay dùng với Clip Studio Paint. Ngoài ra mình cũng sẽ kể 1 tí xíu về trải nghiệm học hành của mình và tập dùng Ipad Pro nhennn.
Chúc các bạn cùng tiến bộ với mình nhé.

Clip Studio Paint Speed Paint - Mình vừa học vẽ xong

How to download Clip Studio Paint EX 1.11.0 (FREE, latest version Sept 28, 2021)

Here I’ll show you how to get CSP EX for Windows user (64bit), with really easily installation. And you can access all the free brushes from Clip Studio. Version 1.11.0, the latest version comes out on Sept 28, 2021, featuring Color Mixing for Dual Brushes \u0026 New Color Mixing Mode “Smear”, also smaller file size o.o
Clip Studio Paint is one of the best drawing app. It also can use Photoshop brush in latest major update. And it has time lapse feature, the only one on PC o.o Although it has a one month free trial, and 3 months if you apply for monthly fee, sometime we need more time. So in here, we will get more trial.
Works fine on fresh install or update from previous version. All your downloaded materials will be safe after update. The process is same like previous video

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Step by step:
Step by step:
1. Download CSP version 1.11.0 from it’s official server
(youtube not allowing me to post this link, so please follow based on the video, it’s simple)
I did a quick test on latest version (1.11.1), and I think it’s working fine. This patch is made directly for 1.11.0 (you can see that if you Right Click Properties Details on the patch), so there might be small error on other version.

2. Install Clip Studio Paint normally.
I recommend to install it on different folder, so you will not need administrator permission to copy file there.
3. Download the required files. Make sure you download the exact same file, with same name (\”Clip Studio Paint EX v1.11.0.7z\”), around 21MB. All of these links are the same or
4. Open that downloaded file using WinRAR or 7zip or any other similar program.
If you don’t have that, just Google \”7zip\” and install it.
5. Follow the guide from Readme.txt , basically just put CLIPStudioPaint.exe into your Clip Studio Paint folder, replacing it. You can do this by dragndrop it to that area
6. optional, Download the updated brush as mentioned here

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Time stamp:
00:00 Intro
00:40 Download and Install Clip Studio Paint normally
01:25 Download the required files
02:03 Follow step by step
03:28 Done, some testing
04:32 Download the updated brush (IMPORTANT)
05:36 Speed painting test
Music list:
Vector to the Heaven (Kingdom Hearts 3)
City Ruins (Nier Automata, Square Enix Jazz vol.2)
Apocalypsis Noctis (Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix Jazz vol.2)
Chrono Trigger (Square Enix Jazz vol.2)
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speedpaint csp clipstudiopaint

How to download Clip Studio Paint EX 1.11.0 (FREE, latest version Sept 28, 2021)


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