Las Vegas The Venetian Hotel Room Walkthrough & New Health Measures June 2020 | Tổng hợp những khách sạn nổi tiếng nhất

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Las Vegas The Venetian Hotel Room Walkthrough & New Health Measures June 2020 | Trang chuyên cung cấp thông tin khách sạn tốt nhất hiện nay.



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Las Vegas The Venetian Hotel Room Walkthrough & New Health Measures June 2020

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Mondo và vlog bae bí ẩn có kinh nghiệm từ khi đến Las Vegas cho đến khi nhận phòng khách sạn tại Venetian. Mondo sẽ xem xét tất cả các chi tiết mới về các biện pháp an toàn và sức khỏe từ khách sạn và đi dạo toàn bộ phòng khách sạn. #lasvegas #thevenetian #lasvegasvlog Muốn Ủng Hộ Ngọn Lửa – Ủng Hộ Ngọn Lửa Trên Patreon – NĂM CHÂN TAY – Theo dõi tôi trên instagram & twitter – @thecalibae Email Doanh nghiệp – Khước từ: mọi ý kiến ​​đều là của tôi, các nhà tài trợ là thừa nhận. Các liên kết trong mô tả thường là các liên kết liên kết cho phép bạn hỗ trợ kênh. ..

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44 thoughts on “Las Vegas The Venetian Hotel Room Walkthrough & New Health Measures June 2020 | Tổng hợp những khách sạn nổi tiếng nhất

  1. BRASS TACKS says:

    Was gonna do Hawaii for our honeymoon but with Covid we are gonna just stay at the Venetian, I'm actually more excited for Vegas than Hawaii lmao

  2. justnmegs says:

    Dude as soon as you said put that tv on golf I subbed lol. Me and my wife are staying here in 2 weeks can’t wait thanks for the video!

  3. Steven Santana says:

    I’m checking out tomorrow and I paid around the same amount and I got a view from the 25th floor with 2 queen beds. I got here Thursday 7/30 and leaving 8/2/2020

  4. charlie pearson says:

    460 for 3 nights aint bad . If you gamble a bit at the property and get and use a card while doing so . you may get a comp at the end of your stay . like no res fee or even one free night

  5. Patrice Martinez says:

    So the key thing before the elevators.. Did they make both of you scan your keys to get through? Or just one per couple?

  6. Shelley Kresan says:

    Your video makes me not want to stay. It’s creepy. Just what I want to do: take a vacation to stay away from other people and wear a mask. I know it’s ordained by the tyrants, but it’s disheartening to see.

  7. Johnny sANTOS says:

    Did you guys try out the frozen bar? I think it’s called something like 20 below or something like that. It’s definitely something to check out at the Venetian.

  8. Victor Martinez says:

    Wow almost $500 for 3 nights!!!! Expensive!!!! Good to know other hotels with better price… And people dont stack more people in a room !!!! Get your own room !!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Another OverTaxed TaxPayer says:

    Wife and I are thinking about going July 22nd. We do not want to wear a mask. Are they enforcing mask-wearing around Hotel, shopping areas and pool areas?

  10. Aloha Snakbar Productions says:

    I gamble exclusively at the Palazzo so I get free nights but usually it’s around $350 a night but it’s super cheap rn cause of rona lol

  11. Philip Mata says:

    Love your stuff!!! For future references, on the digital slot machines, you can touch the "credits" area to see your credits in currency rather than credits. It will save you from constantly cashing out. 🙂

  12. Mike Smith says:

    I’ve never stayed at the Venetian/palazzo…I’m def have to check it out. Looks great!

  13. Tatiana Weston says:

    Only thing you forgot is the hold they put on the room. Usually like 200 bucks on your credit card. Keep an eye on things because some hotels are prone to "forget" to release the hold. lol, gotta love Vegas!

  14. Charles Caruso says:

    That view killllls me, I always stay at the Venetian and that view is horrible. Wish you guys could have had a better view but you did get to see some of the strip. Now on the topic of resort fees they are not new and if these hotels were to get rid of them they would just up their prices.

  15. Gladys Estevez says:

    Vienen a Las Vegas y todo lo quieren y de contra no dejan ni un tip gente barata 👎

  16. Gentry Thompson says:

    What about the fridge, you left us hanging about the fridge, I'll be in Vegas in October I don't want no extra cost because we touched the fridge

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