Luigikid plays HOTEL 666 [HORROR GAME] | Tổng hợp những khách sạn nổi tiếng nhất

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem những khách sạn nổi tiếng phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề hotel 666 horror game phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về chủ đề này tại đây nhé.

Luigikid plays HOTEL 666 [HORROR GAME] | Trang chuyên cung cấp thông tin khách sạn tốt nhất hiện nay.



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Luigikid plays HOTEL 666 [HORROR GAME]

>> Ngoài xem bài viết về chủ đề Luigikid plays HOTEL 666 [HORROR GAME] này bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều bài viết khác tại đây:

Thợ sửa ống nước chuyên dụng của tôi là gì, tôi là Luigikid. Hôm nay chúng ta đang chơi Hotel 666, một trò chơi Kinh dị miễn phí. Crazy Shit tiếp tục trong khách sạn này! Link Tải xuống ► Đừng quên nhấn nút “Thích” và nhớ đăng ký để tham gia PlumberHood để biết thêm những Trò chơi kinh dị đáng sợ hơn và những nội dung hài hước khác. 😉 __ Mua Áo sơ mi và Hàng hóa Luigikid trên Cũng giống như chúng tôi trên Facebook: Và theo dõi tôi trên Twitter: introsong: Feint – Laurence (R) endingsong: Feint – Lift (R)..

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  1. Wolf Zahnle says:

    3:55 Looks like someone's been disarmed. Let's all give him a big hand! We should at least give him a hand-out. He'll be in trouble if he's asked to come out with his hands up.

    4:00 Oh, man! Someone forgot to flush the toilet! This is, undoubtedly, the most disturbing thing we could possibly encounter in this hotel.

  2. Dewyyy says:

    School: If you eat good food and do your homework you will be just like Batman!
    Me: thinking So my parents will be killed and I will not be able to socialize?

  3. King Senpai says:

    Hey Dude,
    I’m making a horror game you should check it out!! The trailer and the description are below. There will be an official trailer coming out around July 20th ish so make sure you check it out, and if you enjoyed this trailer make sure you like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel because I will be making more games, I am an a indie game developer.
    Link To Trailer: Isolated Trailer
    Description of the game: It takes place in the 1970's when there is a 4 person family, dad, mom and 2 boys, It was a very poor family and so their dad tried to find a job for a long time but couldn't. Then once their 4 year old son got sick and they couldn't get him to the doctor cause they didn't have any money. Their dad was forced to rob a barons house. As he got in he got noticed by one of the cameras on the wall and the police came instantaneously. He had got a 3 year sentence in jail. To get to the jail they put him on a train which goes from the city, though the country side, through Cantell forest and finally It reaches the jail. Before the train was about to leave he said bye to his family and friends, their son was cured by a government doctor for free, but when he said bye to his friends they said they'll get him out of the train ASAP. So as the train was going through the country side his friends barely got there before the train did so as fast as they could put the dynamite down to explode the rails but something happened in the dynamite that made it faster to explode and so it exploded the rails and then their car all of his friends died, then when the train reached the Brocken rails it flips over due to the terrain conditions and the only survivor is Jim (The Thief AKA the dad). He gets introduced to the farm and that's where the horror begins.
    GAME COMING OUT: August 1, 2014
    Horror Game: Isolated.

  4. christopher prendergast says:

    Scariest piece !£@% I have ever seen BTW can you do the asylum 616 I think?

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