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Project .hack Series Review! – The Game Collection | Website chỉ dẫn những mẹo có ích nhất.


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Trong bài đánh giá đầy đủ về Dự án .hack này, SuperDerek xem xét từng nội dung sau: .hack // SIGN, .hack // INFECTION, .hack // MUTATION, .hack // OUTBREAK, .hack // QUARANTINE và .hack // SỰ TÍCH LŨY! .

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Project .hack Series Review! – The Game Collection

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25 thoughts on “Project .hack Series Review! – The Game Collection | Web thông tin những mẹo có ích nhất

  1. TytanTroll_Miniatures says:

    That being said though, quite disappointed you were allocated a class to play as. I wanna play a sword boi

  2. TytanTroll_Miniatures says:

    My first 5hrs of this game was slamming potions, running into the middle of an enemy portal and hitting the spin attack killing them in 1 hit usually. Also, giving your followers all of your buff potions and hitting "strengthen" removes a fair bit of time menu skipping, which also took a hell of alot time too

  3. Eric Wilcoxen says:

    im also just like really fucked off here with "88 hour" playthrough comment.
    like they are maybe 10-15 hour games, x4 its only 40-60 hour games, at max, the fuck??

  4. Eric Wilcoxen says:

    god… this was the worst review ive ever seen of this anime… like are you fucking kidding me?

  5. deavonw says:

    LOVE this series… can't play this series. releasing these piecemeal 3 months apart was a disaster. I was just a kid. I was only able to con my parents into buying the first two games. $40 USD a piece. Thats $160 for whats basically a single games worth of content.

  6. PUCKYMAXX M.A.S.S says:

    Two things I don't understand til this days, Quantum Computing and Literal application of it and THIS(.hack, any type) series.

  7. cold cuts says:

    .hack was mu favorite childhood game. i remember collecting all of the games to make the donkey thing you ride on the side of the label. i liked g.u. but infection and the other ones were my favorite

  8. Terminally Nerdy says:

    Great coverage! I never could get into the dot hack games. Something about the way they played never jived with me.

  9. Vayu Asura says:

    Yeah, pacing was terrible and game either didn't give you that many things mechanically to tinker with so it was all repetition. Something they sorta fixed in the 2nd series. None of the games are actually bad, but I still can't believe I actually paid the collective price of like 7 Final Fantasy games total for them all.

  10. Isaiah A says:

    Bought the first one back when it released on the PS2. This was an amazing time when I was really into MMOs. I already had played EQOA & FFXI on my PS2 and then this released. Not to mention back in the early/mid 00's we were limited on anime and this game came with a DVD, that was another bonus. One of my childhood memories I can recall is sitting down with all my friend who I played the aforemtnioned games with & being excited to watch the OVA and play .hack as we were all into the MMORPGs, JRPGs, & anime. Sadly, I never followed up with the other 3 in the series for whatver reason. Side note, I watched the anime just a few years ago & it was rather boring… Good review nontheless, makes me still want to collect all 4!

  11. DJ Pooh says:

    You said that FF7 joke like you came from the future lol. Now look…. It's being sold separately lol

  12. NightingaleSong says:

    .hack//SIGN was a chore? I loved it as a middle-schooler! I wish real MMOs were as fun..

  13. Nicholas Johnston says:

    Bummed that you didn’t enjoy it more, but I can definitely understand your feelings. For me I love just about everything in this series but it’s definitely not for everyone.

  14. Rando Persón says:

    What’s sad about this series, is SAO (Sword Art Online) genuinely ripped this series off. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  15. Dicom Ohio says:

    Im still pissed that i could never find a copy of quarantine. I still enjoyed the game but i didnt care for the anime (sign)

    I got into the game when it was first released becsuse i love jrpgs and it was a decent system at that time. I would probably loathe the mechanics if i revisited

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