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SONG JI HYO IN BUSTED S3 ‼️ | Kho phim mới nhất.


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26 thoughts on “SONG JI HYO IN BUSTED S3 ‼️ | Phim được xem nhiều nhất

  1. Raziyeh Yarahmadi says:

    As we see jihyo is really talented and she can make everyone laugh but someone should tell this to running man PD cause they cut every jihyos scene

  2. hannah says:

    as expected the other casts was shocked HAHAHAHHAA y'all watch running man and kwangmong siblings (kwangsoo & jihyo) always fight there

  3. hannah says:

    the fact that kwangsoo said that jihyo's cameo in this show is the most memorable for him and he's really happy when jihyo came

  4. eva eve says:

    Me:see song jihyo slap kwang soo for real
    Me:think jihyo is being too much…
    Me:look at this video for 10 times
    Me:(think that this is not the first time she slap kwangsoo for real😂…and she even kick kwang soo for real…)

  5. Spica Starson says:

    I think the fact that two of the directors of Busted were two of the original main PDs of Running Man really made a difference too 😂👏

  6. ShunHui Lam says:

    it's funny that when they r acting like they r quarreling, they put on a serious face, but then when they REALLY are fighting, they are actually smiling, like lol u can see when kwangsoo smacked jihyo on her head is when the fight gets real, n jaesuk had to quickly step in lol

  7. Carljude Jashper Liwanag says:

    Look how Jaesuk hyung already held Jihyo cause he knows she's gonna retaliate after that

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