TF2: How to make High Quality Transparent Sprays (2017) VTFEDIT NOT WORKING! | vtfedit

TF2: How to make High Quality Transparent Sprays (2017) VTFEDIT NOT WORKING!

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So VTFEdit is broken this year and I’m not sure about the workaround for this yet, but hopefully i’ll find it soon.
Outro Song:\u0026index=20\u0026list=FLMuEO9GmmudXorzUiv2aedw

Thank you all for watching and I’ll upload as soon as I can!

TF2: How to make High Quality Transparent Sprays (2017) VTFEDIT NOT WORKING!

Blender 2.8x/2.9x – Where to Get Nem’s Tools (VTFEdit, GCFScape) now that the Website is gone

We don’t know if the old Nem’s Tools website will ever come back to life. We don’t know if the author had a dispute with his old server company and he’s looking for a new site to reopen or if he’s abandoned the tools altogether.
We don’t know what the circumstances were that caused the site to disappear. However, if you look hard enough you will find the old tools.
In this video I show you one site where to download an archive of all the tools that were available on the old Nem’s Tools website. (Thanks Moltard)

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Blender 2.8x/2.9x - Where to Get Nem's Tools (VTFEdit, GCFScape)  now that the Website is gone

TF2: Interactive Sprays – Repainted

This video was inspired by Nate Fox in his innovative video \”TF2: Interactive Sprays\”.
Steam Group:
Reddit post:
Steam post:
Sprays (in order as in the video): [ALL LINKS FIXED AS OF 10/27/2019]1. \”Spy! Behind you!\”:
2. \”Automatic Dispenser\”:
3. \”Try out this Australium\”:
4. \”Free arrow!\”:
51. \”Hey you!\”:
52: \”You are ugly!\”:
To download the image, just rightclick the image and select \”Save image as\”, at least for windows. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON A REGULAR INTERNET BROWSER ON YOUR PC (ex. chrome, firefox, etc.), NOT THE STEAM BROWSER. There are many tutorials online for how to import sprays to your game. In summary, make sure the image is a JPEG and place it in your \”tf\” folder. Then import it ingame. If the links don’t work, please bring it to our attention in the comments.
SFM thumbnail by Sgt. Hatsofftoyou. Thank you!
0:00 Meet the Heavy (Intro)
0:04 The Gonk

TF2: Interactive Sprays - Repainted

Making Materials for Source Engine in 5 Minutes

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This video covers the basics of creating materials for the Source engine in a quick and hopefully easy to digest tutorial. This applies for any game in Source, such as Garry’s Mod, CSGO, HalfLife 2, etc. This video will not teach you how to make textures, but rather how to use already made textures for props and brushes.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Texture and Format Basics
1:34 Converting Images to Textures
3:18 Creating Materials
4:28 NonProp Materials
5:28 Aftershow Skit

 The Official NemsTools site is unfortunately down as of now, and shows no sign of coming back online.
You can find alternate download mirrors in the two links below, however.

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Texture Painting:
Substance Painter (Paid, perpetual License)
Quixel Mixer (Free, great and powerful alternative to Substance)
Photo Editing Software:
Photoshop (Monthly Subscription or Free Trial)
Gimp (Free)
PaintDotNet (Free)
Krita (Free, more oriented towards digital painting)
Caution, as I have heard some users have had major issues with SageThumbs forcing them to reinstall Windows 10.
With that said, I have had no issues, and it was updated late 2019, so I have no reason to believe it is still a problem, but I’d best leave that for you to decide.
VTF and Data Format

Base Material Files

Feel free to contact me for help.
My Steam Page

Making Materials for Source Engine in 5 Minutes

cs go make skin – short tutorial –

CS:GO Workbench materials

cs go make skin - short tutorial -

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