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The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb

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Since World War II, the U.S. military has sought to reduce the number of bombs needed to destroy a target through improved accuracy. This saves lives on the ground and reduces the risks to aircrews and aircraft. Firstgeneration GPSguided bombs were essentially conventional bombs with steerable fins. The Small Diameter Bomb represents a new generation of weapons that greatly reduce the explosive power needed and minimize the effects of socalled \”collateral damage\” to noncombatants and their property. Its smaller size allows aircraft to carry more weapons and strike up to four times as many targets on a single mission. Its lower weight permits the use of popout wings that can give it a glide range of more than 60 miles. It was first used in combat in Iraq during 2006.

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The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb

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Toad's Revenge

THEO BUOC CHAN ME – Ngoc Thinh, Sdb

THEO BUOC CHAN ME - Ngoc Thinh, Sdb

02 Tạ ơn Tân Linh Mục Giuse Phan Trung Hoàn sdb

…Là người Salêdiêng Don Bosco họa lại dung mạo Đức Giêsu Mục Tử Nhân Lành, người môn đệ Đức Kitô phải kết hiệp mật thiết với thân nho Giêsu, đồng thời, bước theo sát Don Bosco. Ý thức thân phận giới hạn mỏng dòn, người môn đệ Đức Kitô sống tâm niệm đời Linh Mục Salêdiêng: \”Nguyện ở lại trong Giêsu, và rồi, Mang Chúa cho Giới Trẻ\” (Ga 15,9 HL.SDB 2).

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02 Tạ ơn Tân Linh Mục Giuse Phan Trung Hoàn sdb

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